Our FAQ's are here to answer the most commonly asked questions you might have about the building process. At Adenbrook Homes, our objective is to provide exceptional client service delivered by our professional team, an extensive range of stunning award-winning home designs, and a structured and smooth building process.

What is a soil report?

What does the 6-star energy rating mean?

Do you cater for feng shui in your home designs?

What are ‘Standard Inclusions’?

Why are downpipes placed to the front of the facade?

What's recycled water?

What are fibre optic cables?

How will I know if my appliances will fit in the space provided?

Can I extend/reduce the house design?

Will Adenbrook build on a sloping site?

What are 'developer approval guidelines'?

What is an easement?

What is a variation?

Do you cater for religious beliefs?

Do you allow for swimming pools to be built under construction?

What does 'in lieu' mean?

What is exposed aggregate and do you use it?

What is a niche?

What are obscure glazed windows?

What is a retaining wall and why do you need it?

What is temporary fencing?

What is compaction?

What is fill?

What is 'fixed site costs'?

What are the major benefits of knocking down my house and rebuilding on the same site'?

What is a Cost or Provisional Allowance?