We employ a team of local tradespeople and utilise trusted local suppliers to achieve quality workmanship and deliver a home we are all proud of.


Guaranteed Start Date

One of our unique differences is the Guaranteed Start Date. Our strict limited starts policy ensures we allocate sufficient resources to building your new home without stretching staff or supplies.

Guaranteed Finish Date

Have the confidence to plan ahead and move in on time. Our guaranteed finish date ensures your plans, finances and lifestyle are not compromised. Book your removalist, notify your rental agent and plan your housewarming... You''re moving in soon.


Our Headstart process can streamline the paperwork process and have your home under construction sooner. Our research shows this saves two months on standard pre-site paperwork alone which effectively has you in your home three months sooner than other builders.

STAGE 1 - Preliminary Agreement
(Stage 1-3 takes approx 4 weeks)

Your new home, price and start date are secured. Your consultant will also complete and lodge your new home application.

STAGE 2 - Fixed Price New Home Proposal

Your new home presenter will deliver your Fixed Price New Home Proposal.

STAGE 3 - Contract & Interior Design

Your New Home Presenter will deliver your contract for signing.  Your Windemere Interiors Consultant will assist you in choosing colours, style & theme for your new home

STAGE 4 - Building Application Lodgement
(Typically between 1-6 weeks)

Adenbrook Homes submits your Building Application to your relevant Council and Covenant.

STAGE 5 - Final Site Preparation
(1 week)

Upon Building Application approval final changes are made to the contract and final drawings are forwarded to the Construction Department.

STAGE 6 - Construction of your home
(From 18 weeks)

An Adenbrook building Supervisor programmes and oversees the construction of your new home.


At Adenbrook Homes we're proud of our reputation of building homes of quality excellence and proudly showcase our multitude of industry awards for quality and design.

Local Quality Control

When you buy an Adenbrook home, you can be assured that each and every person involved in the building process is highly skilled and qualified. Each stage of building is subject to a critical review to ensure our strict high quality standards are upheld. From our carpenters to our tradespeople, each person takes pride in their workmanship and contribution to an Adenbrook Home.

Brand Name Product Quality

In our Adenbrook Homes we only use quality products and appliances from brands that you know and trust. With long standing partner arrangements with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Caroma, Colorbond, Corinthian and Boral, you can be assured that the material to create your brand new home are of the highest quality, guaranteed.

Independent Quality Assurance

Before handover, every home is subject to a strict final quality inspection by an independent building inspector. Each and every area of the home is thoroughly inspected for structural soundness and to ensure compliance with the building code. Independent inspectors are qualified and licensed builders.

Attention to Detail

Each area of the home is also inspected for building quality, with extreme attention to detail from everything from paintwork to the quality of fixtures. The most minute defect, such as chips in the plasterboard or a misalignment in wardrobes, will be noted for repair.

Comprehensive Reports

A comprehensive report is submitted to Adenbrook Homes and any listed defects are repaired before handover. So you can be sure when you are given the keys to your brand new home, there's already been a number of stages of critical review and your new home has met Adenbrook's stringent quality standards.


A visit to the Windemere Interiors showroom is included for every Adenbrook client.

Get Personal with your own Interior Designer. Choosing colours, textures and fittings is a treat when you have a talented designer by your side.

The Windemere design team explore your needs and dreams, suggesting elegant, practical solutions that reflect those living in the home. Our vision is to create new, colourful, personal and exciting interiors that surprise and excite.