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Adenbrook Homes Gold Coast is led by extremely experienced builder Giorgio Tosoni who has over 30 years experience in the construction industry. There is nothing that Giorgio Tosoni is more passionate about than building a home that he is proud to handover to his clients. He is involved in the entire build process and is committed to ensuring that his clients are happy with their home. Always willing to go the extra mile, the Adenbrook Homes Gold Coast team are able to actively listen, understand and collaborate with their clients to build their dream.

Adenbrook Homes Gold Coast are all about the customer journey and ensuring that the building process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. With a high level of communication and dedication to quality workmanship and superior finishes, the team at Adenbrook Gold Coast have been the builder for many happy families across their region. Specialising in Knockdown Rebuild’s, designs for small lots, acreage lots and everything between the Gold Coast team can work with you to build your dream home on your perfect block of land.

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over 5 years contribution

Living locally means that the Adenbrook Homes Gold Coast team are well versed when it comes to understanding local nuances that will impact on your new home build. Employing local trades and supporting local business means that the Adenbrook Homes team also give back to the local community in the form of economic support and employment opportunities. In addition to this, the Adenbrook Homes Gold Coast team also love to get involved with local charities and fundraising events to give back to those around them. As a corporate partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Gold Coast team really make a splash when decked themselves out in pink as they raised money for a cure throughout the ‘GoPink’ month of June. Their willingness to see the bigger picture and give to those in need demonstrates the calibre of people that will be guiding you through your entire build journey.

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    award winning
    display home

    Our immaculate Display Home in Stockland Foreshore Coomera was recognised as ‘Winner of Display Home $300,001 to $400,000’ category in the HIA Gold Coast and Northern Rivers 2020 Awards. The overall design for the Heydon E with Hampton’s facade was to provide a look and feel that would encapsulate a relaxed coastal lifestyle inspired by the world-famous beaches of Long Island. The Haven facade is a new Adenbrook Homes design that offers sophisticated, a coastal chic look, with on-trend light and bright Hampton’s features. The internal Heydon design is all about natural light, an abundance of space and the clever use on non-conventional angles. The interior design continues the Hampton’s theme while ensuring that the hub of the home is a real show stopper.  The awards were based on four criteria being Liveability, Design, Innovation and Workmanship.


    The Heydon E home design featuring the Hampton’s inspired Haven facade is as unique and distinct as it is contemporary. Designed utilising unconventional angles the home is filled with character and deliberate purpose that offers surprises at every turn. With a focus on entertaining, the Heydon design exudes vibrance and coastal chic throughout the generously appointed home.


    The overall site area is a compact 450m2, also considering secondary street frontage setback requirements. A relaxation to the prescribed 55% site cover was obtained to allow the site cover to increase to 57%, with consideration given to secondary street frontage presentation and articulation. The front facade detailing is continued to wrap the side of the house, along with the extensive alfresco space.


    Innovation is on display here as the home design incorporates an 15 degree angular internal layout, while using a regular roof shape. This design enhances functionality and allows all internal living spaces to perfectly blend with the outdoor entertaining areas, while the Velux skylights with solar powered sunblinds ensure an abundance of natural light throughout the hub of the home.

    Workmanship and Degree of Difficulty

    The angular layout requires special consideration with floor covering setout and the installation of the skylights and plaster shaft. The skylight shaft has been set up to align with the kitchen, requiring the trapezoidal shaft to be constructed at a 15 degree angle to the trusses. Although the end result looks relatively simple, the geometry to complete the shape is quite complex.


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  • Alisha M | Testimonial
  • After speaking to numerous builders in late 2018, my husband and I made the decision to build our first home with Adenbrook Homes Gold Coast. I honestly cannot express enough just how happy and thankful we are that we had the privilege of building with Giorgio, Nadia and the Adenbrook Homes Gold Coast team.

    Construction on our home commenced in late August 2019 with handover of our property occurring ahead of schedule in late December 2019. From the time we signed the contract through to handover and beyond, our experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

    The overall management of the build and our contact both before and throughout the building process with Giorgio and Nadia was fantastic. We were always kept well informed of what was happening through each stage and communication was always honest. As it was our first time building we had a lot of questions and Nadia in particular always made the time to seek out answers to our many questions. Both Giorgio and Nadia are incredibly approachable and it is clear to us from our experience that they truly take pride in their customer service and the quality of the build from start to finish.

    Overall, there were very few issues throughout the build, and those that were identified were very minor. All identified issues were rectified satisfactorily and in a timely manner with my husband and I kept in the loop which we were incredibly appreciative of.

    As far as the price, we feel we received value for money. One of the reasons we chose to build with Adenbrook Homes Gold Coast in the first place was their transparency throughout the initial sales / quotation process and their openness to variations that we were requesting. We never felt pressured or pushed into anything, and we felt the prices raised during each variation to be fair considering the quality of the materials being used and the experience of the trades employed to work on our home. There were no hidden costs or surprises along the way so no complaints on that front either.

    We’ve found the workmanship and build quality of our home to be fantastic and would definitely build with Giorgio / the Adenbrook Homes Gold Coast team again if we were ever to decide to move on from the dream home that they’ve built for us.

    Alisha M | Gold Coast

  • Terri | Testimonial
  • Giorgio and his team were an absolute dream to work with! They are truly dedicated and passionate about what they do – building people’s dream homes. I love every aspect of my first home and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build in the Gold Coast region.

    Terri | Gold Coast

  • David, Mae and Aden | Testimonial
  • As our very first new build we were worried at the beginning that it would be a long and stressful process but Giorgio, Nadia & the Adenbrook team put us at ease from start to finish. The whole process was managed professionally. Nadia was a star for taking-on and answering all my dumb questions and helping us through the contract/review process, Kirstin at Windemere was a delight when we had our 3yo at the interior design session and she helped us with some great colour combinations. And I can’t say enough good things about Giorgio, he was honest and transparent throughout the whole process, a very rare builder these days.

    Workmanship and build quality was without fault. Giorgio has built a trusted team of very skilled craftsmen/woman who are all professionals in their own right. On top of that, each and every one of the tradies on site were respectful and polite towards my family.

    I can think of only 1 issue we had during the build and that was to do with the wrong carpet being delivered. This was discussed and dealt with within 2 days to everyone satisfaction and did not delay the completion date.

    We were happy with the final cost in the end. Each time we made a change during the review process the costs were made clear, so no surprises.

    Giorgio and Nadia have built us a home not a house and we will forever be grateful for meeting this family and trusting Adenbrook with our dreams.

    David, Mae & Aden | Gold Coast

  • Grant and Twinnie | Testimonial
  • We had to manage the purchase of our land and selection of our builder on the Gold Coast from overseas. We built this house as an investment property, with a view of potentially living in it ourselves in years to come. With this view, we upgraded a number of items to ensure the property would be above average. Throughout the entire process, Giorgio and Nadia were VERY accommodating AND continue to be post-handover. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the pre-handover inspection and Giorgio allowed our parents to do this for us. In addition, Giorgio was very flexible in allowing us to push-back our handover to a date suitable for us to get back to Australia.

    Our only minor suggestion is that there were a few issues (mainly painting defects and a few other little items) that could have been rectified prior to handover. Despite these, Giorgio has been very quick and determined to fix any issues as a matter of urgency, no matter how big or small and is committed to assist and fix any items that may arise when we eventually have tenants. This commitment and dedication has given us immense confidence in Giorgio as a builder and we would definitely build with him again.

    Giorgio, thank you for helping us achieve our dream of owning our own, beautiful home!

    Grant and Twinnie | Gold Coast

  • Zoey | Testimonial
  • Stupendous Home, Service & Workmanship

    From day one the Gold Coast team made me feel comfortable, confident and content with all the decisions and choice I made for my new home. Being a single female building my first home I didn’t have anyone else there to help me and Georgio, Daniel, Martin & Leanne took me under their wings and guided me the whole way. I couldn’t be more happy with the service & end product. The house has been done exactly the way I wanted it and if there was anything wrong they bought it to my attention and fixed it before I had even noticed. 10/10 recommend Adenbrook Homes!!!

    Zoey | Gold Coast

  • Tania | Testimonial
  • Great customer service and beautiful homes

    Right from the get go before even deciding who to build with Leanne at Adenbrook Gold Coast was so friendly and helpful. Once signing the contract and going through all the details – colour selections, electrical plans their staff were all very customer service focused and provided assistance and knowledge to ensure our home would be perfect. I would recommend building with Adenbrook Gold Coast and would personally like to thank Georgio, Daniel and Leanne for all of their assistance and making building our dream home a pleasurable and stress free experience!

    Tania | Gold Coast

  • Matthew | Testimonial
  • An amazing experience for my first home

    From the day I walked into the display home I feel in love with the house. My builder Giorgio has been great to deal with including the amazing help from Nadia, Leanne, the administration staff were, right down to kirstin the consultant helping & pointing me in the right direction.. Even after the building has finished I can still contact them & ask them anything or resolve an issues I may have.. Definitely would build with Adenbrook again thanks for an amazing home team.

    Matthew | Gold Coast

  • Karl | Testimonial
  • Amazing!

    Our build was a pleasure from start to finish with Adenbrook. Leanne is a pleasure to have dealt with throughout our often changing decisions and requests. Our home was completed to a standard above and beyond my expectations. Daniel is a fantastic asset to Adenbrook who saw the completion of our home on time with minimal hassle for handover. A big thank you to Adenbrook for the experience, knowledge and recommendations. we have a beautiful home and hope to do this again very soon.

    Karl | Gold Coast

  • Glen Paul | Testimonial
  • Outstanding experience with Adenbrook Homes Gold Coast Qld.

    We have nothing but praise for Giorgio Tosoni and his team at Pimpama, Gold Coast. We started with a slight hiccup with the initial sales team in Brisbane until Debbie Bottriell was introduced to us. She was an amazing lady dedicated to her love of designing new homes. After Debbie had assisted with the custom design of our home based on the Haydon layout we were then introduced to the team at Pimpama. Giorgio and Leanne were wonderful to work with. We were able to contact them at anytime and always had a reply promptly. The colour consultant, Kirstin Fowle, made our colour selection experience very easy and enjoyable. Our build went very smoothly and was completed ahead of time. Giorgio was very particular with workmanship and this was carried through by the full team of trade persons. He was regularly on site to check on progress and if any problems occurred, he was in contact with us promptly. Leanne was always on call, even after hand over, if any follow up was required. No issues at all with follow up requests after hand over and occupancy. We would highly recommend Georgio’s Adenbrook team to anyone looking to build a dream home.

    Glen Paul  Gold Coast

  • Michael | Testimonial
  • High quality builder with an exceptional customer service

    Workmanship is excellent this is due to Georgio Tosoni of Adenbrook Gold Coast on the back of tradies making sure that everything is done right!!
    My build took 2 years as my previous build went bankrupt but i am glad that Adenbrook took over and Georgio and his team’s customer service is exceptional. Always contactable and always reassures us that he is doing everything he can to make the build as smooth as possible.

    Based on my experience, unfortunately some trades are just slap dash and when it’s your first build there is a lot of things to think about, you need someone like Georgio from Adenbrook Homes Gold Coast to supervise them to ensure they are doing it the right way.
    Georgio has a lot of passion in his work and reflects on his build. He did not build us a house but a Home!!!

    I am very pleased with the outcome of our build. The finishes are immaculate! I believe that Georgio is very proud and dedicated in his workmanship and always treated our home as if it’s his. Points out every single item that needs fixing even before you even notice it!

    Michael | Gold Coast

  • AJF | Testimonial
  • One of the best in Queensland

    I built with Adenbrook in about 2006, and at the time they were one of two stand-out builders when it came to design, finish and value. After nearly 7 years I have not regretted my decision to choose Adenbrook.

    When I began looking, the very first display house I walked through was an Adenbrook Sandhurst Delta design. It was stunning. I knew I was loking at a display home, with no expense spared on finishes and furnishings. However, I could see that the key to that home was the unique design. I then spent a good 6 months walking thorugh countless other display villages and homes, only to come back to that same first Adenbrook home.

    During the building process, I could not fault Adenbrook. The building supervisor was always available on mobile to ask questions. If I wanted to meet on site, he would be there. During the course of the build I beleive the Gold Coast franchise was sold to new owners, and as a courtesy they came on site one day to talk to me about the build. I was quite impressed.

    At handover there were of course several issues which needed to be fixed, but as expected, Adenbrook took care of all my issues. I read a lot of comments from people that they had problems left unresolved by builders. The onus is on the owner to be vigilent when it comes to small defects. It is your right to have them fixed, so demand it be done while you have the right under warranty.

    7 years on the design has stood the test of time and the finish is still as new. I am positive that I made the right decision to build with Adenbrook. In fact, I have been wanting to move from the current suburb I live in, however the only thing holding me back is that I don’t want to leave this house.

    Excellent customer service and option selection process. Building supervisor was very responsive. Quality was top notch and has stood the test of time.

    AJF | Gold Coast

  • Robyn | Testimonial
  • Very Happy

    Everything went smoothly with our build. We would recommend Giorgio and Nadia for anyone building a home in the future. Our house was reasonably priced for what was included and any necessary variations to meet our needs were met promptly. We see ourselves living in our new home for years

    Robyn | Gold Coast

  • Rebecca | Testimonial
  • In good hands

    Being a Buyers Agent, I am extremely selective with who I work with on behalf of my clients. After investigating many Builders, Giorgio was an obvious choice. Very passionate about what he does, Giorgio is reliable and solution orientated. He has quality, long standing trades who take pride in the work they do resulting in the completion of a flawless home.

    Rebecca| Gold Coast

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    Adenbrook Homes is a national new home building network that offers clients a big brand product with a local builder experience. The diverse collection of single and double storey home designs has won countless awards over the last two decades and feature quality standard inclusions from reputable suppliers presenting outstanding value for money.

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