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If you have a kitchen, you are ALWAYS cleaning it and tidying it up no matter whether you cook or get takeaway, don’t you agree? A well organised kitchen can mean less cleaning and more time enjoying time with family and friends.

No matter how much space you appear to have in your new home before you move in, it’s only a matter of time before you have filled all your drawers and cupboards so it is so important to have a plan and to utilise the many organising products available.

This will ensure you make use of space wisely and all your necessities are easily accessible. Even if you’re not starting fresh in a bright new Adenbrook home, Autumn is a great time to start decluttering and give your kitchen a fresh start.

Less is more! The first step would be to take stock of all your kitchen items, from the pots, saucepans and frying pans to the wooden spoons, tongs and cutlery. Go through your kitchen from the top drawer to the pantry and make sure you are using all the items you have.





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Imagine a Wiser Smart Home solution that puts you in control. We have smart phones, smart TVs and several other different devices that are incorporated into streamlining our lives. Now you can have a whole home environment amalgamated with smart devices to not only make your life simpler, easier, and more adaptable, but to even reduce your energy consumption.

Imagine how effortless life could be in a smart home. You could be in control of so many different aspects of your home from temperature to the lighting and energy use with just a few taps on your smartphone. Better yet just use a few simple terms on your voice assistant. The comfort of automating everything to be just the way you prefer it can even give you a sense of security knowing that you never have to worry about whether you’ve locked the door or turned off that appliance. Being in control of items that often are left on for extended periods of time means you’re able to live a more environmentally sensitive and economical lifestyle without too much effort.

Reimagine how you live with a Clipsal Wiser Smart Home Solution. It’s designed to be suitable for any home, whether it’s a new build or existing home, and is easy to use for all technical skill levels. You can simply manage your lighting, blinds, shutters, split system aircon, appliances and more via the Wiser App.



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With electricity prices on the rise and climate change
breathing down our necks, it is increasingly popular to
make the move away from traditional hot water systems to
the latest technology, saving you money and benefiting the

In the past five to ten years the heat pump water heater
has become the new kid on the block and is fast becoming
a popular option, as the heating method of the 21st
century. Heat pump water heaters are amazingly effective,
being up to seven times more energy efficient than gas and
three-and-a-half times more efficient than electric water

This is achieved by not creating heat, and instead
moving heat from one place to another. If you’re still
wondering what this crazy magic is let’s look at the basic

1. External air is drawn into the heat pump system
into an evaporator by a fan. The evaporator contains a
special refrigerant in the piping called R134a, which is not
harmful to the ozone layer.

2. Uniquely, R134a refrigerant has a boiling point of
-26°C compared to water with a boiling point of 100°C.
So cooler temperatures are still warm enough for the
refrigerant to ‘boil’. The air sucked into the system is
warmer than the refrigerant turning it into a gas inside the
heat pumps pipes.

3. A compressor then pumps the now gas
refrigerant through a small valve which compresses it and
as result of the process creates a great deal of heat.

4. A heat exchanger then transfers the heat from the
refrigerant pipes to the tank where the water is stored.
As the heat is drawn away from the pipes the refrigerant
returns to its lower temperature and liquid state and then
the whole process begins again.

Read more about Heat Pump systems and the new Rheem Ambiheat HDC-270
in the latest edition of Be Inspired.




• 1kg prawns buttlerflied + skin on
• 1 heaped tspn salt
• Lime/Lemon to taste
• 1 tspn crushed green chillies – optional
• 2 heaped tspn crushed garlic
• 3/4 cup of milk powder
• 100g or more if you like butter
• bunch of coriander – optional


Mix salt, milk powder, 1 tspn garlic crushed, green chillies and some lime/lemon juice into a thick paste – add a little water
to make it more spreadable.
Put a teaspoon of this marinade on the meat of the prawn, let it sit for a few hours in the fridge.
BBQ the prawns shell side down till they are beautifully orange and the flesh is cooked well.
Next place butter in a saucepan and melt on low so it retains its creamy colour, stir a little green chillies, 1 tspn crushed
garlic and lemon juice to taste. You can also stir in some chopped coriander into this sauce. Once the prawns are grilled
and just before your ready to serve them up, pour the buttery, flavourful sauce all over the prawns generously.
Your guests will be very impressed!

Recipe courtesy of Shakila Latif.




Drawn from the earth these warm saturated hues not only reflect elements of nature, but the influence of the feminine on colour directions.

As the world becomes a place of uncertainty, we look to earthy colours to ground us. Our homes need to provide a place of safety & calm and work spaces are being designed to feel more like home and provide the same sense of security. In our homes we are ‘cocooning’ adding layers of tonal colour and leaning towards warm hues that add to the cosy mood. The enveloping saturated hues in the new Laminex Colour Collection are perfect to create immersive interiors in which we can find a sense of comfort through the warmth of rich colour.

“Warm colours can evoke a sense of security and nurturing.”

– Bree Leech, Trend forecaster and interior designer.

We are in a time where the feminine influence has been in focus, the colours that have emerged have been traditionally related to feminine energy and evoke a sense of nurture, comfort and certainty. With a move towards brown based pinks such as Laminex Porcelain Blush, these soft tones work beautifully alongside the more earthy hue groups.

Together the reassuring colour palette represents a move towards optimism while still creating a feeling of security, they are uplifting colours full of warmth and provide a look that reflects our current mood – that we all want to feel safe and secure.

“Layering warm hues creates an immersive interior perfect for cocooning.” – Bree Leech, Trend forecaster and interior designer.

To discover more visit: https://www.laminex.com.au/article/trends-immersive-mood


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##Westinghouse Appliances

every home chef needs great equipment

When you’ve got the right equipment you can really impress your family and guests with your cooking skills. Bring your creativity to life with state of the art kitchen appliances from Westinghouse.

The Westinghouse Stainless Steel 90cm Multi-Function Electric Oven (WVE915SC) has some amazing features including:

  • Twin Fan System for even cooking
  • Fast heat up
  • Cool to touch door
  • Digital programmable timer
  • 125L capacity so you can prepare Christmas dinner for the extended family

Westinghouse Oven WVE915SC


Couple this great oven with a Westinghouse Cooktop, available in gas or electric.

Westinghouse Cooktop WHG955SB

The Westinghouse 5 burner gas top (WHG955SB) has;

  • A 14.4Mj/H wok burner so you can lock in the flavours of your favourite stir fry
  • ‘Flame failure device with gas shut off for safety
  • Cast iron trivets for durability
  • Durable and simple to use display panel

Westinghouse Induction Cooktop WHI943BC

If gas is not available in your area then the Westinghouse 4 zone Induction Cooktop(WHI943BC) is for you. With great features like;

  • PowerBoost far rapid heat up
  • Pause everything function
  • Easy cleaning ceramic surface
  • Child safe


Even though your kitchen will be full of delicious cooking smells a Westinghouse Canopy Rangehood looks so goods it will be a real feature in your kitchen.

The WRF900CS is easy to clean with washable filters, ducted or recirculating options and is really easy to use.




Make sure you ask about adding Westinghouse Appliances to your kitchen when you’re building your dream home with Adenbrook.



An important feature which is normally located at the heart of the kitchen is your sink and tapware. Adding a touch of style and sophistication can be achieved with the Vixen and Monaco ranges from DORF and CLARK .

The Vixen retractable mixer tap range by DORF is stunning in both looks and functionality, with a two tone finish making it an ideal kitchen feature. Available in a range of two-tone colours and finishes including Chrome, White, Black/Chrome and Black Nickel.

  • Pull down, retractable hand piece for added versatility
  • European SoftPEX hoses provide superior durability, longer life and are free from impurities


DORF_Vixen-Retractable-Sink-Mixer-Chrome-Adenbrook Homes   DORF_Vixen-Retractable-Sink-Mixer-BN-Adenbrook Homes  DORF_Vixen-Retractable-Sink-Mixer-White-Adenbrook Homes   DORF_Vixen-Retractable-Sink-Mixer-BN_lighter_Adenbrook Homes

Couple your new Kitchen Mixer with a stylish Monaco scalloped Double Bowl Undermount from CLARK. Featuring two large bowls that flow directly from your benchtop, creating a streamlined look to suit any kitchen space. To complete the look add a bamboo board, stainless steel colander set and basket waste trap.

Clark Monaco Scalloped Sink_Adenbrook Homes Clark Half Board Colander Set_Adenbrook Homes



Inspired by natural timber, the Laminex® Impressions™ Nuance range is a clever combination of matte and gloss that mimics the effect of a sandblasted straight grain to add beauty and realism.

Add an element of grandeur to your home and showcase your own personal style with 19 bold colour options from the Laminex® Impressions™ Nuance range, guaranteed to make a statement in your new kitchen.

Colour options include:



(Not all applications apply to all variants)

  • Cabinetry
  • Cabinetry – Interior & Panels
  • Wardrobes
  • Vanities
  • Lockers & Seating
  • Shelving
  • Splashbacks
  • Desktops & Tabletops
  • Toilet & Shower Partitioning
  • Cabinetry – Doors & Drawers
  • Benchtops
  • Wall Panels

(Not all features apply to all variants)

  • Easy to Clean
  • Low Maintenance
  • Stain Resistant
  • Tactile
  • UV Stable Indoor Use
  • Water Repellent

We have a great offer on on upgrading to the Laminex® Impressions™ Nuance range in out $15K Kitchen Bonus promotion – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION




With a distinct focus on innovation and evolving, Adenbrook Homes are set to continue to raise the benchmark in the new home building industry. 

Adenbrook Homes was originally founded in 2001, remodelled in 2013 and has been building quality, award-winning homes across Australia’s East Coast for almost two decades. We provide new home buyers the opportunity to work with a trusted and reliable local builder and their team of experts, while enjoying the perks, support and expertise that you come to expect from a well-established building brand.

The big brand, local builder concept ensures our clients have direct access to a qualified local builder making communication simple and guarantees that individual needs are understood and that quality control processes are faultless. The big brand then enhances these benefits by providing exceptional buying power, sourcing the best materials from the most trusted brands available and developing flexible home designs that continue to win national building awards year on year.

Our structure allows our passionate local builders to be free to focus solely on delivering the best builds for their clients while our big brands centralised support network is working behind the scenes to deliver unrivalled customer service, continual product development and quality control mechanisms that are second to none.

Our commitment to our customers past, present and future is to continue to evolve and innovate, to provide outstanding value for money and a stress-free building experience and we can do this by maximising the power of the collaboration between a big brand and local builder.


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