With electricity prices on the rise and climate change
breathing down our necks, it is increasingly popular to
make the move away from traditional hot water systems to
the latest technology, saving you money and benefiting the

In the past five to ten years the heat pump water heater
has become the new kid on the block and is fast becoming
a popular option, as the heating method of the 21st
century. Heat pump water heaters are amazingly effective,
being up to seven times more energy efficient than gas and
three-and-a-half times more efficient than electric water

This is achieved by not creating heat, and instead
moving heat from one place to another. If you’re still
wondering what this crazy magic is let’s look at the basic

1. External air is drawn into the heat pump system
into an evaporator by a fan. The evaporator contains a
special refrigerant in the piping called R134a, which is not
harmful to the ozone layer.

2. Uniquely, R134a refrigerant has a boiling point of
-26°C compared to water with a boiling point of 100°C.
So cooler temperatures are still warm enough for the
refrigerant to ‘boil’. The air sucked into the system is
warmer than the refrigerant turning it into a gas inside the
heat pumps pipes.

3. A compressor then pumps the now gas
refrigerant through a small valve which compresses it and
as result of the process creates a great deal of heat.

4. A heat exchanger then transfers the heat from the
refrigerant pipes to the tank where the water is stored.
As the heat is drawn away from the pipes the refrigerant
returns to its lower temperature and liquid state and then
the whole process begins again.

Read more about Heat Pump systems and the new Rheem Ambiheat HDC-270
in the latest edition of Be Inspired.

##Be Inspired SPRING


This spring, we are excited to share our personal collection of upcoming colour trends to prepare for new beginnings in 2022 and an inspirational gallery of styles in collaboration with some of our key suppliers.

Discover carbon neutral options for your home as we explore the stunning new ‘Sunlit Days’ collection from Silestone by Cosetino and introduce yourself to “Colours For A New Era” – an exciting array of newly released colour palettes from our friends at Dulux.

Immerse yourself with earthy warm hues from Laminex and delve into lifestyle choices, changing locations and how to best prepare yourself for choosing colours and fittings for your new home.

Be inspired – create your space with elements drawn from nature to bring a sense of tranquility and balance into your home, find out. Inject individual style and personality into your sanctuary. Every home tells a story, what is yours?

Click on the image below to download your copy of our “Be Inspired” Spring Magazine now.

Be Inspired

##DULUX 900x900

Dulux Winter Colour Trends

Warm, grounded colours that speak of security and comfort are set to dominate winter decorating trends, according to Dulux trend forecasters. “The cooler months call for richer hues and cosy textures, and never more so than in a year when most people’s worlds have been turned upside down,” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour and Communications Manager.

“There’s a collective yearning for reassurance and a return to simpler times. We want our homes to provide comfort, a sense of safety and to remind us of better days ahead. And this will be reflected in more than just colour in 2021 – expect to see a rise in plush, comfy seating, handcrafted furniture with an artisanal feel and a greater focus on ‘purposeful decorating’ rather than just decorating to make an aesthetic statement,” she says.

The Retreat palette – one of three trend colour palettes identified in the 2021 Dulux Colour Forecast – captures the mood of this coming Winter. “These earthy tones and muted colours are all drawn from nature – think oceanic blues, nourishing greens, soft greys and touches of mustard. They bring the outside in – ideal for a time when most of us are stuck indoors for long stretches – and plug into the growing movement for wellness in design.”

To give you ideas on how you can use these comforting hues in your own home, Dulux worked with stylist Bree Leech to re-energise a child’s bedroom using colours from the Retreat palette. “Light-filled and spacious, this bedroom ticked all the right boxes, however, the room needed some personality and tactile elements to create warmth. You want your child to love spending time in their room – it should be somewhere they can escape, relax, read and play. The quickest and easiest way to switch up the mood is with colour,” says Leech.

Leech kept the big-ticket items in the room – the bed, bedhead and solid-timber bedside table, and focused on updating the room with bold colour. She chose shades that worked with the neutral tones in the foundation pieces and added in plenty of textures to dial up the cosiness.

She started by adding deep blue, Dulux Wash&Wear in Winter Sea, to the walls and a gentle neutral, Dulux Vintage Linen to the ceiling and window detailing. “We opted for pale greige rather than a classic white for the ceiling and windows to soften the contrast with the blue. A sharp colour contrast can be very effective in a space, but in a room that’s all about relaxation, you want it to be a little less pronounced.

“Inky blue works well here – it’s cosy and timeless and sits beautifully alongside the natural materials in the room, such as the timber and woven-rattan. It also draws attention to and complements the artwork above the bed. I specified a matt paint finish to magnify the intensity of the blue”.

“For me, a rug is an essential in a bedroom; the floor is the first thing you feel when you get out of bed, so it needs to be soft. A rug also helps anchor the bed in the space. This one has dusty blue and stone hues, the latter being  reflected in the finish of the cupboard. “For the main artwork above the bed, we deliberately chose a piece that will work in the space as the child grows – a geometric abstract in various shades of blue. To personalise the  bedroom, we framed and hung two of the child’s illustrations along with an artist’s fun print,” she says.

Leech created a place to read in a sunny spot by the window, complete with a velvet-upholstered armchair and a pair of side tables, perfect for keeping a book or two nearby. “Don’t be afraid to bring in pieces from another  room, like this armchair, so long as they serve a purpose and fit with your colour palette,” she says. “If you’ve been all about white for as long as you can remember, get a taste of using stronger colours by starting with a single  wall – say the wall behind the bed,” says Lucena-Orr. “It will not only make a feature of your bed, however, will create an opportunity for any artwork to pop. This can also stretch your new confidence into using colour elsewhere in your home.”

STYLIST: Bree Leech
ARTWORK CREDITS ABOVE | ‘Fast Forward’ By Liam Snootle NEXT PAGE | Long Doggie Print’ By Rachel Castle
SUPPLIERS: ‘Fast Forward’ By Liam Snootle – Studio Gallery Melbourne; Bedhead – Soft Studio; Stool, Tartan Cushion, Wall Hanging – Fenton and Fenton; Lamp – Monmouth Studios; Sheets, Pillowcase,
Quilt Cover – The Sheet Society; Tan Throw – A&C Homestore; Charcoal Throw, Artwork ‘Long Doggie Print’ – Rachel Castle; Ottoman – Arthur G; Cabinet – House Of Orange; Rug – The Rug Collection;
Chair – Modern Times.
To learn more about Dulux’s 2021 Colour Forecast visit www.dulux.com.au
##BRIS NORTH 1 YEAR 900x900


Another milestone to celebrate across the Adenbrook Homes network is the first anniversary of the Brisbane North franchise, owned by Brendan Wekeem. Just over 12 months ago, Brendan joined Adenbrook Homes because of the reputation in the marketplace and their ability to help him grow his building business. Not traditionally a builder, instead Brendan has spent many years in sales and sales management roles, assisting and supporting people through their new home journey to handover and beyond.

With an eye for detail and extensive industry experience, Brendan is equipped to provide great insight to home buyers and has even run seminars to educate and teach people how to benefit from the build process in an investment context. His thorough understanding of behind the scenes coupled with his construction knowledge ensures clients that work with the Brisbane North team have access to an excellent source of knowledge that covers all aspects of the process.

Brendan launched his business and in no time at all, quickly started construction and will close out the financial year with a swag of happy clients that have moved into their Adenbrook Home in the suburban regions of north Brisbane. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing though with Brendan commencing operations right before Covid-19 hit our shores. It was a period of uncertainty, not knowing what implications the virus would have on a brand new building business. Fortunately for Brendan and many others in the building trade, the Federal Government introduced the HomeBuilder Scheme which has effectively ensured that the construction industry has not only survived but has actually ramped up. The market certainly felt a sudden pause across March and April of 2020, however by June confidence was back and it was back to business as usual (with social distancing rules, making it somewhat unusual). Brendan forged ahead with his business plan and has continued to recruit sales and support staff to manage the growing demand for the Adenbrook Homes experience in Brisbane North.

As such, the Brisbane North business continues to grow from strength to strength and Brendan relishes the opportunity to work alongside other franchise owners across the group and tap into their knowledge and experience, some spanning up to 12 years within the brand. It is this wealth of knowledge at Brendan’s fingertips that have made it easier to navigate challenging times and to come up with creative solutions for any challenges. Excitement now grows for Brendan and his team as plans for a display home in Stockland Newport display village unfold. We can’t say too much yet, but the home on display in the coastal suburb just north of the Redcliffe Peninsula and around 29 kilometres north of Brisbane City, will be impressive, suit the surrounding landscape and will introduce new product to the Adenbrook Homes design collection.

Congratulations to Brendan and his team for their success and achieving their milestone of their first anniversary in what seemed like the most disruptive year on record for business in Australia. Stay tuned for updates on the Stockland Newport display and we look forward to seeing even more success in the second year of business for Brisbane North.

##SYD 10 YEARS 900x900


It is time to celebrate for the Greater Sydney and Wollongong teams as they achieve a very special milestone in the form of their 10th Anniversary. The business has come a long way since humble beginnings when business owner, Daniel Galea decided to take his business to the next level and shift from a small renovations and custom builder to join the reputable Adenbrook Homes franchise network.

Daniel’s career had humble beginnings, leaving school after completing his school certificate at almost 16 years old and with much excitement and anticipation starting an apprenticeship as a carpenter where he predominantly built frames and eaves. Upon completion of his apprenticeship, Daniel spent several years contracting his carpentry services where he was able to gain great experience, further his knowledge of the mechanics of building a home and overall honing his craft and building his own business. It was 11 years ago that Daniel felt the frustration of having all the practical knowledge but not having the systems and processes in place to really execute on site what his clients wanted in terms of communications and outcomes.

Around this time of frustration and uncertainty, Daniel remembers discussions he had with a mate of his, John Castellano who was working for a market leading land developer at the time. John encouraged him to pursue support for the administration and systems side of the business leaving Daniel empowered to focus on what he does best which was the construction function. Ironically, many years later John joined Daniel’s business in partnership to expand into the Wollongong region.

It was around this time of frustration that Daniel came across Adenbrook Homes, a franchise network that offered franchisees systems, processes, support and a network of like-minded professionals that could enhance your overall business functionality while not taking away the hands on building experience. Upon meeting with the leadership team from Adenbrook Homes, Daniel was confident that this was the opportunity he was looking for and took that leap of faith to join the network.

Since that time 10 years ago, Daniel has built an empire across the Greater Sydney and Wollongong regions, building over 100 homes per year and employing over 30 staff members and providing employment to many contractors across the region. Daniel and John alongside Shanaka De Silva work together to provide clients with a superior customer experience, a high quality build that represents great value for money while always focusing on how they can improve their business to exceed customer expectations.

Congratulations to the Greater Sydney and Wollongong team on your 10 Year Anniversary and we look forward to watching your business continue to go from strength to strength over the next decade.

##BUILD DELAYS 900x900


We all know there are builders out there that offer a quick, short, sharp guaranteed build time, but at Adenbrook Homes we do not compromise quality for a quick turnaround. We would rather spend the time to get your home right, ensure the quality remains a focus and that your home is built to last. While we certainly do not dawdle or potter around our builds, we understand your homes is likely one of the largest assets you will purchase in your lifetime and we feel no need to rush the process and risk the outcome.

With that in mind, the current building industry is certainly being pushed to the limit and there will inevitably be delays that our outside of our control. The supply shortages for building products like timber, trusses, gutters, roof tiles, PVC, appliances alongside a shortage of trades to complete the work are certainly going to prove challenging. Add in seasonal wet weather to the mix and we understand we are facing challenges that we will overcome as quickly as possible to ensure build times are managed effectively.

Housing Industry Association, Chief Economist Tim Reardon has acknowledged that the record level of demand for building materials, as well as constraints placed due to COVID, restrictions on global freight and shipping containers and on global demand for materials particularly timber will definitely place constraints on the housing market in Australia. *

The HIA actually forecast that there will be 130,000 new homes being built across the country this year, which is up from the previous peak of 120,000 in 2017.* This spike undoubtedly off the back of the HomeBuilder Scheme delivered by the Federal Government as an incentive to maintain the construction industry activity during COVID-19.

Additionally to the incredible demand levels, Australia has experienced natural disasters that are also impacting the industry including bushfires that damaged plantations of timber when in fact Australia relies on producing 80% of timber demand in Australia while only importing 20%. This will obviously be challenging without local supply and slowed distribution networks. Natural disasters have also impacted the availability of trades with bushfires and floods increasing demand on home repairs while South East Queensland have an extreme shortage of roofers due to the hailstorms that swept through the region including hardest hit Springfield Lakes in October 2020.

These are all factors that are outside of the control of your builder, however at Adenbrook Homes, we have outstanding reputable suppliers and trades teams that will do their best to overcome shortages and ensure we are looked after to the highest level possible, perpetuating the value of the big brand associated with the local builder that makes up one of the cornerstones of Adenbrook Homes.

Our local teams are fully trained to effectively schedule each build to maximise productivity on site and to coordinate effective delivery of building products throughout the process. The communication from our local team members is aimed to provide you with peace of mind during your build and to ensure you that you are getting the best quality build in the fastest time possible, even if there are some delays.

We cannot control the weather, the supply chains the availability of trades, but we can work with you to keep you informed and we can work with our suppliers and trades to ensure your home remains a priority. The bright side to anticipated build delays is that you are in good hands, you have time to plan ahead knowing that the impact is being felt globally and that you have the support of a big brand and your local builder.

SOURCE * https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-25/building-delays-homebuilder-supply-shortage/100026876


Although most of us dream about enjoying an endless summer, there is something magical about the changeover in seasons throughout the year, winter included. The change in seasons triggers a highly emotive state in some of us. During summer, we are filled with happiness and holiday vibes, bright colours and crisp white linens, but during winter, some of us can lose the spring in our step and want to shy away and hibernate due to the cool winter air outside.

As the temperature drops, we look at some tips and rituals you can introduce into your home to help you get through the colder months in style and beat the winter blues.

  1. Invest in functional window treatments that will look good and capture the warmth…
    Once you have the heater running and doors closed up, you will want to do your best to keep the heat inside. You can do this with functional window treatments. The look of sheers are fabulous during those warm summer months as we invite in the fresh sea breezes and natural light, however during winter you can utilise window treatments to restrict heat loss from your home. Do your homework to find a solution such as thermal honeycomb blinds that allow for air to pass through and become trapped. The d-shaped design in honeycomb blinds allows you to trap heat in winter and repel heat in summer, while reducing your household heating and cooling costs. Shutters will create a similar impact however you can also achieve a similar result on a budget with roman or roller blinds that are fitted snug to your window frame. By cleverly dressing your windows, you can be sure to have a stylish home that holds heat to keep you toasty this winter.
  2. Embrace luxe fabrics, finishes and textures…
    There is nothing better to do on a winters day than curl up on the couch with a rug and read a good book, or binge watch the latest series on Netflix. Whatever you enjoy, you can find a way to use style to create a warm and comfortable place to relax this winter. Think faux fur, sherpa rugs and shaggy throws, all of which will bring a wintery look in contrast to your light and bright earthy textures during summer while also creating an inviting space to snuggle in and switch off. You can use cushions on the couch, throws on the beds and rugs in living zones, teamed with a comfy pair of slippers, a glass or red and your heater set to your desired temperature, there will be no need to leave the house this winter.
  3. Make your kitchen a warm winter social hub…
    Summer seasons leave us open to fresh fruit platters, olives and stunning grazing tables, while winter invites another way of eating and living. Use your kitchen this winter to warm the home. Get that oven going and give the stove top a run for its money with apple pies, hearty stews and slow cooked decadence to not only fulfill your taste buds, but make your kitchen a winter warm zone for the family to enjoy. Imagine the fun you can have without leaving the home, trialing new recipes, challenging your culinary capabilities, telling stories and laughing across your island benchtop, sipping on hot herbal teas all while enjoying the warmth being created in your kitchen. This opportunity to share time with family and friends and keep nice and warm while indulging on your own kitchen delights is what winter is all about.
  4. Take a long hot bath…
    What could be more relaxing than a long hot bath while the kids are watching a movie or playing their favourite video game. While we don’t always want them to be  stuck on screen time, it is important to find time this winter for self-care and a hot bath is an ideal way to stay warm, unwind and treat yourself. The weather is too cool to head to the beach or local pool, but being immersed in water is such a calming feeling and we can’t let winter make us miss out on that sensation. For ultimate indulgence use a plush floor mat, a heated towel rack, take a few of your favourite snacks and play some of your favourite tunes as your bath bomb and scented candle create a day spa aroma and unbeatable relaxation zone this winter.
  5. Find a spot in the sunshine…
    You might have a spot in the study that welcomes the sun, or even on the back alfresco. Wherever your sunny spot might be, use it as a chance to escape the cool and recharge your vitamin D levels. During summer we get plenty of natural light and sunshine on our day to day activities but in winter we often find ourselves getting home from our daily commute after the sun has set leading to a reduction in vitamin D, impacting our energy levels, our mood and overall wellbeing. Taking the time on days off or weekends to find your sunny oasis will pay great dividends to ensuring your cope this winter without encountering the blues. Take a board game out to the alfresco area, sit on the front lawn with a hot cuppa or even curl up by the window that welcomes the sun and take the time to enjoy the winter warmth.




You have finally decided it is time to make the great Aussie dream a reality and start researching to buy your first home. You might be a young money saver that is ready to bite the bullet, a family looking to escape the rent trap or even empty nesters that have always lived under someone else’s roof. Whatever the scenario it is worth considering a new build over buying established, here is why!

1. You can have your home built to suit your lifestyle and tastes…
At Adenbrook Homes, we are not a custom builder but we do have an incredible selection of award-winning single and double storey homes that are certain to meet your needs. You want a home office? We can help you there. Looking at making a feature of your powder room? We’ve got you covered. Always dreamt of having a retreat away from the main living zones? Look no further. Building allows you to construct a home to meet your vision with no need for costly renovations to create your dream space. You just move right in.

2. The ongoing running costs are lower…
When you build a new home, you have the opportunity to consider the functionality and sustainability of your home. Without any old wiring, or rusty pipes, you create a space that offers low running costs, capitalises on solar energy and saves you big dollars in the long run. The overall maintenance of your home costs less in a new home also. We provide a maintenance guide for your home that outlines all the items you should tend to after you move into your home to ensure the longevity of your appliances and home in general.

3. Issues and defects may be covered under warranty…
Further to the maintenance guide supplied by Adenbrook Homes, we also ensure that your home is subject to a maintenance period. During this period, you have time to experience what it is like to live in your new home and notice any small issues or defects that may arise between handover and the end of the maintenance period. You simply need to document and liaise with your local builder to have any issues resolved or even contact the manufacturer if there is an issue with a specific appliance or product. You simply don’t get this luxury when buying established.

4. New estates come with great facilities and surrounds…
While the real estate market booms across Australia, we have noticed a land shortage, however this has also fuelled future development plans. The trend we are noticing is that land estates and new developments are no longer the traditional plot of land for high density home building but rather become their own lifestyle communities complete with parks, walking tracks, cafes, convenience stores and other amenities all within an easy stroll from your new home. You can easily live, work and play in one area without needing to commute around for adventures or necessities.

5. There are financial incentives for some buyers…
Another great reason to build is the potential financial incentives available for new home owners and investors. If you are a first home buyer you could be eligible for the First Home Owners grant which varies from state to state. First home buyers can also save money with reduced stamp duty, while investors can claim depreciation quite rapidly over the first few years, which is a good tax benefit to take advantage of making building new a better option.

Regardless of your situation, it is worth exploring building over buying established for a variety of reasons, whether it be style and taste, financial benefits or being located in a brand new estate. Whatever your motivation, Adenbrook Homes are here when you are ready to start your new home journey.


Hot Suburbs for Knock Down Rebuilds!

Top 10 suburbs in Australia for knockdown rebuilds this summer

The impact on the average Australian during the Covid-19 pandemic, has shown a large increase in local movement across the country. So what are the hottest suburbs to ‘KnockDown DreamBuild’ this summer?

Australians are looking for lifestyle factors, with an rural and coastal areas seeing an influx of families seeking an change to their way of life. In 2020, RealEstate.com.au saw a 40% increase in searches for outdoor spaces and a 30% increase in searches for properties with gyms, studies and balconies.

Over the past 20 years there have been exceeding growth in the nations capital suburbs. The highest growth of median house price has been seen in the following. The top picks from the team at Adenbrook Homes are:

1. Harrington Park, NSW (549%)
2. Currans Hill, NSW (530%)
3. Hamlyn Terrace, NSW (509%)
4. Rouse Hill, NSW (472%)
5. Tyabb, VIC (682%)
6. Somers, VIC (574%)
7. Clayton, VIC (574%)
8. Windsor, QLD (492%)
9. Bulimba, QLD (481%)
10. Coorparoo, QLD (468%)

If you’ve been thinking about a KnockDown Rebuild in 2021, speak to the KnockDown Rebuild Specialists.

Statistics provided by REA.


Does your home have growing pains?

After spending what seemed like an eternity in our humble abodes throughout 2020 on account of the pandemic, many of us found ourselves evaluating the functionality, practically and suitability of our homes. While we certainly cherished the time we got to spend at home with our loved ones, many Aussies were hit with the realisation that their home was no longer meeting their needs and found themselves asking the question, have we outgrown our home? Well, you can bet that your cousin who drew the short straw and was stuck sitting on the esky at the kids table for Christmas lunch will certainly agree that you have!

For those who are not quite convinced, some telltale signs that you have outgrown your home include the feeling like you have no separation or privacy to take time out for peace and quiet, your cabinets still feel cluttered after your annual spring clean or you cannot effectively manage the new norm of working from home due to a lack of study space. All of these and more can be great indicators that you need to start planning for a better future at home.

Whether your household comprises young children, a corporate couple, elderly parents that need higher levels of care, or beloved fur-babies – each home needs to deliver unique functionality specific to those who reside within. Luckily Adenbrook Homes have a diverse collection of home designs for all stages of life from punchy and petite home designs for the first home buyer, to larger sprawling acreage-style homes, dual-living options, and even granny-flats for those needing extra space. Our award-winning home designs are carefully appointed affording versatility to adapt to different family units and suit changes as the family shrinks or grows.

When it comes to planning your dream home there are many factors to consider such as how many children you have (or plan on having), whether you want to host regular guests, or accommodate live-in extended family or even if you need a big backyard so your fur-baby has room to play. Each of these factors will guide your decisions throughout the building process and with the support of the Adenbrook Homes team you can be confident you will get a solution that will work for you and your family for years to come.

Join us as we celebrate 20 years industry excellence and find out why the big brand, local builder experience has resulted in so many quality builds and happy customers across Australia!

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